New Sharav HGVT gantry portal milling machine from Promac

Nuova Stame presents the new Sharav HGVT gantry portal milling machine from Promac, a new machining centre that was necessary to further increase the capacity for finishing work on already assembled moulds.
In making the choice, particular consideration was given to the type of layout, the structure of the machine and finally the type of heads with which it is equipped, in particular the finishing head, which has a special layout that allows us to access more restricted spaces in special cases of machining with an inclined head.
In particular, the offset spindle with respect to the fork, on the machining of very inclined cams, removes the structural encumbrance of the classic head, thus allowing us to direct the work to the machine most suitable for the type of die.
We have also aimed to improve the quality of the finishes and to reduce processing times by working directly with the manufacturer, who has studied our needs, giving us support directly on site with specialised technicians.

Some technical data:

Double crossbar gantry portal milling machine with dualdrive motors on the X and Y axes. Z axis movement with ball screw.
Electro-welded monolithic uprights, double crossbar with ram box in box.
Axis movement on linear roller guides.
Max. stroke speed 30000mm/m.
Strokes 8000 x 4000 x 1500.
2 heads with automatic head change (1 for each head):

  • orthogonal head with torque motors, ISO50 coupling, 45KW 440Nm 6000rpm
  • fork head with torque motors, HSK100 coupling, 37KW 160Nm 12000rpm

Each head has a dedicated tool changer with 30 tools and a laser measuring device (length, geometry, tool wear).
The tool changers and heads are integrated into the 2 machine uprights, so they are concealed, thus leaving the working area free.