Die manufacturing

A wide range of dies specially designed and manufactured to satisfy customer needs.
Design and manufacture of tooling for cold sheet metal forming.

Welcome to Nuova Stame Spa

For us at Nuova Stame Spa sheet metal is a real passion, our products range from automotive to components, and even reach the white goods sector.

Each die is a work of art, made with care and precision.
Years of experience have allowed us to grow and become the leader in the design and manufacture of tooling for sheet metal cold forming, die casting, plastic processing, heat treatment for material processing and engineering services.

Reliability, quality and research into solutions

The great strength of Nuova Stame Spa comes from a union of skilful antique traditional methods combined with the latest technological innovations.
Real chisellers, master mould makers and skilled sculptors enrich the heritage of Nuova Stame, ensuring the perfect product for each customer.

The whole production process follows rigid stages to guarantee the quality of the finished product. Specialist technicians scrupulously follow each stage.

Skills and Services

Consulting and pre-sales

An essential preliminary stage to start up the whole production process. Once the mathematical model of the workpiece is received, our experts examine it to establish all the steps needed and the dimensions of the tooling. After which, the quotation will be formulated for the customer.

Engineering and design

In this stage, we design and develop the parts that will make up the dies. After thoroughly examining each part, the design is submitted and agreed with the customer before putting it into production.


Production starts with creating the die material, followed by flattening and 2D and 3D machining, depending on the requirements of the die. Then the various milled parts are assembled together with all the other components.

Setting up and finishing

Setting up is one of the key steps in the whole die-making process. Geometric adjustments/checks and corrections are made to achieve a perfect workpiece that complies with the qualitative standards required by the customer.
The die is completed with all the pneumatic and electrical system, and is painted and completed with legends and signs, ready for shipment to the customer.


This is one of the most delicate steps of the die-making process, and it depends on the know-how of our personnel, supported by meticulous analysis of the elements that emerge from the various tests.
Obviously, the aim is to achieve a quality standard, in both the tooling and the parts produced, that fully satisfies the needs of the customer.

Home line tryout

After shipment, our team of production start-up experts goes to the customer site to check how the dies made by Nuova Stame operate in the final production cycle. If necessary, appropriate corrections are made to the dies to ensure that the workpiece is repeatable. The goal is to achieve perfection and meet the expectations of our customers.

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