We are a state-of-the-art company that guarantees reliability, quality and research into innovative technical solutions


Years of experience, know-how in traditional methods and advanced technologies have made Nuova Stame Spa the leader in the design and manufacture of tooling for sheet metal cold forming, die casting, plastic processing, heat treatment for material processing and engineering services.

Our great strength comes from a union of skilful antique traditional methods combined with the latest technological innovations. Real chisellers, master mould makers and skilled sculptors enrich the heritage of Nuova Stame, ensuring product quality for each customer within the required times, which is an indispensable factor that adds value in achieving a perfect finished product.

Nuova Stame receives the award for excellence from Confindustria. (See declaration)

Manufacturing excellence comes from the versatility and skill of our team. The wide range of dies made by Nuova Stame Spa are used in car bodywork and components, motorcycles and agricultural machines, as well the white goods sector. All dies are specially conceived, designed and manufactured to satisfy customer needs and demands. The pride of Nuova Stame are the large dies with robot movement for manufacturing body parts and the internal skeleton and structure of cars. No less important are the transfer dies and progressive dies for manufacturing silencers and structural trims from rust-proof material.

Specifically, they can be divided into drawing dies, trimming dies, cutting dies, bending dies, forming dies, compound dies, progressive dies, transfer dies, and traverse units.


Nuova Stame S.p.A. also has a stamping department that boasts presses of up to 2000 tonnes for testing the dies produced. Thanks to the laser cutter, it can also provide the customer with pre-production runs.

Those who turn to Nuova Stame S.p.A. can count on a partner that can also offer its experience and skill during the project development stage, in the best expression of CO-MAKERSHIP.

On request, Nuova Stame Spa can also handle mass-production of parts on behalf of its customers.