A wide range of dies specially designed and manufactured to satisfy customer needs.


The wide range of dies manufactured by Nuova Stame Spa are used in car bodywork and components, motorcycles and agricultural machines, as well the white goods sector. Each product is made with surgical precision, and every detail is treated with meticulous care to guarantee a perfect finished product.

It all starts with mathematical data, which is processed by our Engineering division, and this leads to a study of the forming stages needed to make the finished product. No less important is the choice of cast iron and/or steel for the die cavity and punch. The indelible mark that Nuova Stame can boast is a real trademark, which is stamped by the attention to detail carried out with skilful craftsmanship. Last but not least, strict quality control ensures that the product meets the requirements expressed by the customer, as well as the safety requirements.

The wide range of dies designed and made specially for each customer covers drawing dies, trimming dies, cutting dies, bending dies, forming dies, compound dies, progressive dies, transfer dies, and traverse units.

All of these dies contribute to making a multitude of car components: from silencers to complete panels and bonnets. Today, Nuova Stame is able to make any sheet metal part of a vehicle body. Dies of every size and complexity, machined using a vast and various fleet of machines, including milling centres.

Nuova Stame milling centres are of the travelling column type and have automatic head and tool magazine changers. They are ergonomic and feature a high production capacity, in line with the needs of machining even the largest dies. The travelling column solution adopted is ideal for machining dies and patterns vertically with the help of brackets, as this eliminates the problems of chip evacuation typical of portal milling machines. The new compact monolithic column thereby prevents deformation, while ensuring rigidity and the utmost accuracy. The result is a highly ergonomic work area, where loading-unloading and adjustments can be carried out with ease.